Architectural Services

Contracted Services
  • Contract draughting to other architectural professionals.
  • Assistance with building regulations. SANS10400 and SANS 204
  • Assistance with energy efficiency in buildings
Home Owners
  • Are you looking to add some more space to your existing home, or build a new home?
  • Third Dimension specializes in residential architecture. From a en-suite addition to an upmarket holiday home, and everything in between.
Estate Agents
  • Are you selling a house that needs existing plans drawn up of a house you selling?
  • If you have a potential client looking to buy an open piece of ground and need someone to give some architectural ideas to close the deal. We can come to site with your client to see if the site will suit their requirements.


3D Presentations
  • We all live in a 3 Dimensional world, why do we plan our homes and buildings in 2 Dimension.
  • Third Dimension offers a 3 D presentation included in all architectural projects.
  • We can offer veriations of a 3D service to other architectural professionals, from a shaded 3D to a realistic video walkthrough.

For any additional services, or if you have a specific requirement, Give us a call and we can forge a partnership together. 

Drawing elevations

Architectural Workstages Explained

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